The tour starts with a visit to the so called “Kouros” of Flerio an unfinished, 6.5-meter-long monumental statue of the 6th century (B.C.) and a close by farm where you will pick some seasonal goods. Then you will be taken to the family farm which dates back to the 16th century and still has no electricity, so everything will be cooked with wood, fire. At the farm we had the pleasure to enjoy lunch with Mr Anthony Bourdain during the shootings for his series “Parts Unknown”. Mrs Juliana who was responsible for charming Anthony Burdain’s palate with her traditional cooking abilities, will guide you while you will cook 4 traditional Greek recipes. Make sure to savor every moment!

Naxos is known to be one of the most fertile and green islands of the Cyclades, blessing its residents with treasures such as organic fruit, vegetables and savory dairy products some of which are globally known. In the mountain village of Filoti you will have the exclusive opportunity to visit a local pen (sheepfold) where a shepherd will share with you the story of his cheese making and of course you will taste some of the famous Naxian cheeses. In the green valley of Eggares village we will visit the museum of olive oil where you will taste the “liquid old” which is produced by thousands of years old Olive trees. Of course, one cannot miss the famous Citron of Naxos which is distilled in the village of Halki, a liqueur made of the leaves of the citron trees, a unique product with a history which dates back to 1896. Finally, you will wander around the alleys of the mountain village Apiranthos, where you will have the chance to taste the so called “Zaboni” a salty and spicy prosciutto, like ham which is only produced in that village.


A private yoga class is designed around your needs and abilities. It caters specifically to you. You set the boundaries, the challenges and the goals. A private class may take many forms. You might encounter a completely different experience in your yoga session during your holidays, than your regular practice back home. Finding the right balance in your life is important. Each session is likely to be different on a physical and emotional level.

Couples Yoga
Traditionally, yoga is an individual practice. It serves as an opportunity to slow down, open the body, give space to the mind, breathe and be in the moment. Yet jointly practicing yoga with another person, can have its own unique benefits. Couples’ yoga allows you to relate to one another through assisted poses. Stretch your levels of trust, strengthen your communication, enhance your body and your bond. Such an experience can serve as a kind of mini ‘retreat’ for you and your partner.

SUP Yoga – Min 2pax
SUP yoga means practicing yoga on a Stand-Up Paddle board. Practicing yoga on water can seem a little intimidating. However, it is an extremely inclusive activity that really anyone can enjoy. If you can breathe, you can do yoga and if you can stand on your two feet you can use a paddle board. It is a great way of improving your core strength and balance while completely immersing yourself in the water element and some absolutely beautiful surroundings.

Hike & Yoga
You can combine all the benefits of hiking and enhancing them through a yoga and meditation practice while at it. Yoga assists in relishing the beauties of the hike and reducing the risk of being sore after.


Far from the sandy beaches and the modern Greek life, Naxos mainland stands untouched by time. Serene green valleys, picturesque villages, hospitable people and much more justify why Naxos is Greece’s best kept secret. Visit the archaic temple of Goddess Demeter which was built a hundred years prior to the Parthenon, as well as the “Kouros” of Flerio, an unfinished, 6.5-meter-long monumental statue of the 6th century B.C. The tour continues with a visit to the Byzantine chapel of “Panagia Drosiani” which was built in the 6th century A.D. and the 16th century olive press in the village of Damalas. Finally, you will discover the village of Halki which used to be the trade and cultural center of the island 60 years ago and last but not least, the mountain village of Apiranthos whose residents take pride in referring to it as the most traditional village of Naxos. Transportation with Luxury car (Minivan or SUV) and Light snacks and water are included.


On the beautiful island of Naxos, except from the dozens of magical white-sand beaches with crystal blue waters, it is worth exploring the unique treasures that are hidden in the mainland.
Hiking doesn’t have to be a lifestyle for anyone who wants to visit the magnificent villages, the archeological sites , the historical towers, the byzantine temples and the monasteries of the island.

Get lost in the magic of the Naxian nature, along with experienced local escorts you can enjoy the paths that were first walked by Naxian shepherds, next to small rivers, in between olive forests, mountain tops with hidden caves, castles, and temples built inside caves. Breathe the fresh clean air from the top of Mount Zeus, the highest mountain in the Cyclades and refresh your body as well as your mind. We offer a variation of routes, ranging from easy to tough, but you can also create your own route upon request! Transportation to the starting point and pick up from the finish, Water and power snacks are included.


Speedboat tours
Let us create a tailor-made itinerary for you and cruise through the “small Cyclades” with one of our top-notch speed boats.

Speedboat rental
Be the captain of your own story by chartering one of our speedboats. Discover remote beaches, navigate through the close-by islands, and create lifetime memories! (Speedboat driver’s license required).

Yachting & Sailing
Explore the treasures of the Aegean Sea with comfort and style aboard one of our carefully selected vessels.