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“Far from the crowded beaches and busy shops, beats the heart of what we locals call the “real” Naxos. There is far more to this heavenly island than what can be seen at a first glimpse. It would, however, be selfish to keep these “hidden gems” for ourselves. Therefore we created Naxian Experiences with the purpose to share our passion and love for our island, and all it has to offer, with everyone who wishes to join us on this exciting journey!”

Featured Experiences

Mrs Juliana who was responsible for charming Anthony Bourdain’s palate with her traditional cooking abilities, will guide you to cook traditional Greek recipes, at the family farm where everything will be cooked with wood-fire , using hand-picked seasonal goods.

Naxos is known to be one of the most fertile and green islands of the Cyclades, blessing its residents with treasures such as organic fruit, vegetables and savory dairy products some of which are globally known.

Far from the sandy beaches and the modern Greek life, Naxos mainland stands untouched by time. Serene green valleys, picturesque villages, hospitable people and much more justify why Naxos is Greece’s best kept secret.

Celebrity Chefs we had the pleasure to accommodate